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Smartoptics is joining Linknode

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Smartoptics has joined Linknode in jointly growing its presence in the Iberian Peninsula and PALOPs by providing the best solutions at a competitive price.

Smartoptics is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. It partners with leading technology and network solution providers and maintains numerous certifications and approvals from leading Switching and Storage solution providers such as Brocade, Cisco, HPE and Dell EMC.

Smartoptics provides innovative xWDM-based optical networking solutions for use in private and public communications networks. Smartoptics’s products are used to increase the capacity of fibre optic links to multiple Tbit/s. Smartoptics's portfolio includes a wide range of fibre optic products, including Open Line Systems, transponders, passive optical networks and a complete portfolio of optical transceivers.

Smartoptics solutions are based on open networking standards, providing simple and cost-effective alternatives for Datacenter Interconnection (DCI), Metro Aggregation and Backhaul networks.

These Products use in-house developed hardware and software and are enhanced through associated services.

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